Why your programming determines your success

Your success is determined by your actions, your motivation and the effort you put into a task. However it isn’t just the action you take that determines how successful you will be.  Your internal programming is created between the ages of 0-7 (known as the imprint period) when your unconscious mind is soaking up everything […]

Why your mindset determines your wealth

Did you know that your wealth is not determined by your choice of career or how hard you work? In fact, your wealth has nothing to do with what you are doing – it is a direct result of your mindset. Your money beliefs shape your external world. What you believe about money determines how […]

How money mindset shows up in your business

Money mindset is the thoughts, beliefs, feelings and values you have about money. It was created during your childhood when your mind accepted as true everything that it heard and experienced. So if you were told that rich people are arrogant, people like you will have to work hard if they are to achieve anything, […]


Unity is often experienced as being in union with someone or something. It’s the opposite of being divided. You can feel a cohesion not only from the external yet from your internal world too, that inner feeling of peace, love, compassion and happiness.  Unity is a word for togetherness or oneness. Self-unity is when you are in […]

Goal setting tips

It’s that time of year when we start to reflect on the year gone by and what we want to achieve next year. Many people set new year’s resolutions yet 92% of New Year goals fail by 15th January. Here are our top 20 tips for goal setting if want 2021 to be your most […]