Money issues can leave you feeling limited and worried. You may feel that money will help you to achieve the life that you want but you just can’t figure out how to improve your finances. Although money can’t guarantee happiness, a good relationship with money can lead to less stress and more freedoms. Your relationship with money is linked to the mindset that you hold – your money mindset, such as, holding on to old money beliefs which are keeping you stuck.

A money mindset is your unique collection of feelings and thoughts that you subconsciously have about money, based on life experiences. You likely have a negative money mindset if you think the same old tired thoughts such as, ‘you have to work hard to earn money’, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, ‘you have to save for a rainy day’. These thoughts can create a barrier between you and your financial goals. 

You may have a brilliant plan to earn or make more money, but without the right money mindset you are very likely to sabotage attempts to implement your plan. However, it is possible to shift these negative thought patterns and to create a more productive and positive money mindset.

It is important to start recognising and being self-aware of self-sabotaging thoughts in order to change your money story and be able to change your relationship with money. Have you ever wondered why some people make money then lose it repeatedly or why some people earn a lot and spend it all? This is due to old money habits and without changing your relationship with money, repeating the same outcome will be inevitable.

Once you learn to recognise your money beliefs and begin to question them, it becomes possible to decide how you want to change those beliefs to start shaping your future habits and beliefs.

If you have a vision of your future, write it down, visualising and knowing what you want is crucial to achieving your goals.

Understand why money is important to you, this will help to keep you on track when reaching for your goal.

Start to chase those negative thoughts away with positive ones, such as, moving away from a scarcity belief to believing that there is plenty of money to go around.

Educate yourself and read up on others who have achieved their financial goals, you can apply some of their rules and habits into your own plan. This can also help you to believe a change of money mindset is possible when learning of others that have succeeded.

If you still feel stuck or want to learn how to do this quickly and easily, click here (link to course).


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