Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world

Programs designed to transform your life from the inside out so that you can live the life you were meant for.

100% Satisfied Female Entrepreneurs

100% of women that we’ve worked with have seen results

We’ve been there!

Just like writer’s block, creative block, or even talker’s block (yes, not knowing what to say is a thing!) – some of us also have mindset blocks. Crippling self doubt, lack of self worth, putting everyone else’s needs above your own. Thinking that there should be more to life than this.

And as your thoughts create your reality isn’t it time you had more empowering thoughts? We used to have a lack of belief in ourselves too – so we recognise the blocks that are stopping you from living life as the best version of you.

Our goal is to get you to be the happiest, most successful version of yourself so you can become the embodiment of wealth, abundance and joy. We do this by helping you transform on every level so that you can make your business the one clients are desperate to work with. We help you transform from the inside out.

We’ve not met yet? Apologies! We’re Rachael & Michelle.

What you’ll get from working with us?

We’re tired of seeing women struggle and settling for less than they deserve. Let us help you by:

Teaching you exactly how you can create the life you dream of - the life you deserve

Clearing out all those old limiting beliefs and emotional attachments that are keeping you stuck

Showing you how to access the divine wisdom that is within you so that you have access to your greatest source of guidance 24/7

  • Money Magnet Mindset

    There’s a reason you haven’t hacked your money mindset yet. And, no, you won’t hack it through yet another free webinar, self-help book or podcast! We’ve put together this 28-day audio series designed to help you become magnetic to money and wealth. It’s a simple process we used to become money magnets in less than a month. 

    Now we’re sharing it with you...if you’re ready to become a money magnet too.

  • The Success Code Masterclass

    The Success Code Masterclass is a live 10 day group coaching intensive, incorporating elements of NLP and hypnosis. NLP and hypnosis are the most effective ways to recode yourself for success, bypassing the conscious mind to facilitate change at a deeper level.

  • Money Mindset Reset

    Money Mindset Reset is an online course. It has 3 pre-recorded modules meaning that you will be able to reset your money mindset in just 3 days or less. It also comes with several fantastic bonuses.
    Give us 3 days to help you rewrite your money story and see what a difference it makes once you become the author of your future success.

  • 12 Universal Laws Masterclass

    12 Universal laws is a masterclass that teaches about 12 powerful rules that draws wealth to you

  • Introduction to tarot

    Tarot is the quickest way to heighten your intuition, giving you the skills to gain clarity in life and business and the guidance you need, when you need it. Our next course starts on 8th September – enrol now £111 only £37!!

  • Unlock your soul

    Unlock Your Soul – Intuition is an incredibly powerful tool and the most effective way to connect and tap into the infinite wisdom of the universe and your next level success, so that you consistently attract your ideal clients and earn more money.

Are We The Best?

We often get asked this question by clients who want more. And we get it, you want to create your dream life, you know other people can do it yet you doubt it will work for you. So you want to know if we’re worth the investment. And Michelle always has the perfect response: “I think we are one of the best but the real question is are YOU worth the investment” – Michelle.
Understanding who you are and what your life purpose is life changing.

30+ years of experience

Proven Strategies

Do you ever feel like you’re not following your dream?

That you’re not living the life you’re supposed to, that you dream of? That’s how we felt before we started living in alignment with our soul’s desire.

We started as traditional business coaches, pivoted to money mindset (we know a LOT about money mindset and how to think like a millionaire!) and finally found our calling once we started listening to our intuition and our spirit guides. We became intuitive coaches and spiritual mentors. We found peace. We use the same guided approach we used for ourselves for our clients too – to help you live a life that is aligned with the life your higher self is waiting to help you create.

Understanding who you are and what your life purpose is life changing.

Success Stories

Don’t just take our words for it, take theirs:

Ruby Ramsay – Network Marketing

“I was at a point where I had nowhere to go, lost and uncertain. They made it easy for me to come out of my shell and move forward.

Their encouragement was the best – they are my angels!”

Kathy Bishop – Entrepreneur

“Working with them has been absolutely life changing! They have provided support, skills and techniques needed to move my business forward. I cannot overstate how brilliant the coaching is.”

This is for you

Do any of these sound familiar?
You can change all of that today!

We’d Like To Talk To you

When we aren’t travelling the world (we love our holidays!) or spending time with Misty and Ralph (our dogs), we’re helping female entrepreneurs through our bespoke 1:1 coaching and our group coaching programs. If you’d love to work on your mindset and your spiritual development and you’re ready to do the deep, life-changing inner work that offers a lifetime of rewards – book a call with us now:

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